Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting Ready for a New Year...

Our apologizes for being so absent. We have been busy with projects across the board. Though we have some exciting things on the horizon. We want to ask that you keep in touch. The New Year will be prosperous for us! Happy New Year from us to you and yours. See you there! Love Traditions Remixed!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hello all

Its been a while since we've updated you guys on our events. We have been very busy we recently had our launch exhibition on the the 11th of September. Special thanks to everyone who came out and supported us and a special thanks to Hancock 309!

On October 17th Destiny and I had the opportunity to curate a special exhibition at Humphries St Studios organized by Articulation, a Boston based theater group. Tory Bullock who is a member of the Articulation as well as a good friend of ours organized the event, which included live performances and amazing artwork artwork by Boston artists. There was a huge turnout and a wonderful time was had by all. Special thanks to Tory Bullock and Articulation and to all those who came out and supported the show! Be sure to Check out this video highlighting the show

This past Friday was the opening reception for Dorchester open studios. The event was held at Hancock 309 and featured the work of many local artists including Destiny and I as well as artists associated with the Dorchester Arts Collaborative. Some of the visitors included city councilwoman at large Ayanna Pressley (featured in the Photo below) along her Director of external relations Jackney Prioly. I had the honor of talking with them about our artists collective.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sneak Peek!!!!!

Sorry for the bad quality image, I have lost my camera but I really wanted to share this with you all. Maybe this will make you want to see it in person. This is one of the collaborations that Stephen Hamilton and I have been working on for the past few weeks. We work really well together!

Almost time!!!!

We are so excited that this day has come so quickly and as we run around getting the last bit of things together. We are just excited to be in the space that hold our work to introduce Traditions Remixed to the world. We have even began planning new things in the works and are excited to have all the support. So save the date!

Saturday September 11, 4pm - 8pm @ Hancock 309 Gallery and Consignment

Friday, August 20, 2010

Artist of the Week: Gustav Klimt

Gustav Kilmt continues to be the center of our conversations even as decades have passed. It amazes me how creative and insightful he was as a creator. He presents his viewer with so much information yet, never reveals it all.

" I can paint and draw. I believe this myself and a few other people say that they believe this too. But I'm not certain of whether it's true. " - Gustav Klimt

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Traditions Remixed loves to zone out

So we have been off the map for a bit, but we have been in the studio excited about our collaboration projects. OUr early mornings and late nights have been filled with coffee and music. Stephen and I both have a passion for music, though neither one of us is a musician we can appreciate a good sound. Especially the oldies. We may be young but we are Traditions Remixed!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Artist of the Week: Carlos Rolon

The arts have always been a major part of my life but I became more serious about it throughout middle school and high school. While in high school I became involved with a local gallery, Artspace in New Haven, Ct. I was a part of the Apprentice Program, where high school students from all over the city came to work with a professional artist. One of our day trips we had the opportunity to visit Real Art Ways in Hartford. I remember the space blowing me away because it was so huge. They were hosting a show called "None of the Above." It featured artists of Hispanic decent that produced work that was beyond the expected racial frame. There was one of every kind present. Paintings, instillations, sculptures, video, photography, etc.

Carlos "Dzine" Rolon was one of the artist that showed work, and though I enjoyed most of the other work. I remember being so mesmerized by his work. I stood in front of this massive wall painting instillation and trying to piece together how he ever made it possible. So I did what every artist does, grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down every single material listed on his label. Over the years I have attempted to figure it out but it seems it is best to admire. I think seeing his work in the being stages of my artmaking has highly influenced my color palette, material and scale! So thank you Carlos Rolon!

Introduction Traditions Remixed

It has truly been a short time coming. Traditions Remixed will be having our first show in September at Hancock 309 Gallery and Consignment in Dorchester. So many people have been so supportive to our artistic collective and that honestly gives us the energy to continue to do what we do. We are excited to show off what we have been working on and what we have done. This show's goal is to introduce ourselves as professional artists and to exhibit our growth. Please be sure to stop by during the duration of the show in the month of September. We will be in the studio until then!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In the studio!

Stephen and I have been working really hard to get things started and make things happen. We have a show coming up in September at Hancock 309 Gallery and consignment in Dorchester. We will be displaying our work from the past few years as well as some brand new work that we are both excited about. Though the most exciting thing is our collaboration piece. After all of these years of knowing one another we have never collaborated. So here we are in the studio finally making it possible. I am really excited about the outcome, and we hope you are too. So make sure you are there during the duration of the show to check out the work.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Artist of the week: John Biggers

John Biggers is one of my favorite artists and a huge inspiration for me. I remember as a kid my mother taking me to A Nubian Notion in Dudley Square. I recall looking through the large stack of framed prints and seeing his "Shotgun House" painting amongst his other works and the works of other amazing Afro-American Artists. What I love most about his paintings was his incorporation of African and Afro-American influenced patterns into his work along with a figurative style clearly influenced by African sculptural forms. In his monumental works he explored the merits of Black culture and history from antiquity to the modern day. His work is an inspiration and as an artist I hope My work will move people as much a his work has moved me.

Traditions Remixed went to Fourth Wall Project

I had the pleasure of attending the private reception at the Fourth Wall for the All City. The show featured the works of John Brewer, Thomas Burns, Rob Gibbs, and Ricardo Gomez. For some of the artists I have seen their work before in various venues, however it was more then a pleasure to see it up close and personal. The work in the show had personalities of their own, however they lent themselves to one another. John Brewer has an amazing way of capturing time and the essence of his subject, where as Rob Gibbs (ProBlak) uses his understanding of relatistic painting to portray his figures. Gomez always continues to amaze me with his choice of materials and excision. This was the first time seeing Burns' work, he manages to fuse raw excision with realistic interpretation.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

How I met Destiny Palmer

As Destiny has already mentioned her and I both attended mass college of art, where we met through The Black Artist Union. Whilst planning our first show I got a chance to see destiny's work and I was very impressed. What I enjoyed most about her paintings was the focus on color, composition, shape and line. She uses color and design principals to create rich compositions that show influences from jazz, hip-hop music and culture, African and Afro-American textiles and a plethora of other musical and visual art traditions. This coupled with her almost endless knowledge of media and materials creates a body of work ,which is appealing to both the art critic and the average person. I can honestly say I know few abstract painters that produce paintings with such such a powerful aesthetic appeal and because of this I am very proud of this partnership we have formed and excited about what the future holds for Traditions Remixed.

Gene Pool Show comes to an end

I have had an amazing opportunity to show my work next to some amazing artists. And the whole experience was more then a girl could ever ask for. I met a lot of people and shared my work with new people. Thank you to all that supported the show and me!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How I met Stephen Hamilton

I want to take some time to introduce my partner in crime to our followers. I met Stephen a few years ago while we were both studying at Massachusetts College of Art for undergrad. We happened to be the only two freshman students of color living in the Artist Res. We hadn't really spoken or introduced ourselves. About a year later, we were finally introduced through mutual friends, while both becoming involved in the Black Artist Union. Stephen and I had become friends that learn very quick how important it was to gain and lend support to one another within our college community. Even though Stephen and I have two different styles, our interests and inspirations overlap. His work captures the essence of rich black culture, traditions and aesthetics. His work as an illustrator has lent itself to his development in fine arts, drawing a very thin line between the two.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello everyone this is the first post for traditions remixed an artist collective consisting of boston area painters Destiny Palmer and Stephen Hamilton we will be posting information about exhibitions and community initiatives our group will be holding. If our work interests you feel free to contact us at Thank you and enjoy.