Saturday, July 31, 2010

How I met Destiny Palmer

As Destiny has already mentioned her and I both attended mass college of art, where we met through The Black Artist Union. Whilst planning our first show I got a chance to see destiny's work and I was very impressed. What I enjoyed most about her paintings was the focus on color, composition, shape and line. She uses color and design principals to create rich compositions that show influences from jazz, hip-hop music and culture, African and Afro-American textiles and a plethora of other musical and visual art traditions. This coupled with her almost endless knowledge of media and materials creates a body of work ,which is appealing to both the art critic and the average person. I can honestly say I know few abstract painters that produce paintings with such such a powerful aesthetic appeal and because of this I am very proud of this partnership we have formed and excited about what the future holds for Traditions Remixed.

Gene Pool Show comes to an end

I have had an amazing opportunity to show my work next to some amazing artists. And the whole experience was more then a girl could ever ask for. I met a lot of people and shared my work with new people. Thank you to all that supported the show and me!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How I met Stephen Hamilton

I want to take some time to introduce my partner in crime to our followers. I met Stephen a few years ago while we were both studying at Massachusetts College of Art for undergrad. We happened to be the only two freshman students of color living in the Artist Res. We hadn't really spoken or introduced ourselves. About a year later, we were finally introduced through mutual friends, while both becoming involved in the Black Artist Union. Stephen and I had become friends that learn very quick how important it was to gain and lend support to one another within our college community. Even though Stephen and I have two different styles, our interests and inspirations overlap. His work captures the essence of rich black culture, traditions and aesthetics. His work as an illustrator has lent itself to his development in fine arts, drawing a very thin line between the two.