Saturday, July 31, 2010

How I met Destiny Palmer

As Destiny has already mentioned her and I both attended mass college of art, where we met through The Black Artist Union. Whilst planning our first show I got a chance to see destiny's work and I was very impressed. What I enjoyed most about her paintings was the focus on color, composition, shape and line. She uses color and design principals to create rich compositions that show influences from jazz, hip-hop music and culture, African and Afro-American textiles and a plethora of other musical and visual art traditions. This coupled with her almost endless knowledge of media and materials creates a body of work ,which is appealing to both the art critic and the average person. I can honestly say I know few abstract painters that produce paintings with such such a powerful aesthetic appeal and because of this I am very proud of this partnership we have formed and excited about what the future holds for Traditions Remixed.

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